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Performance Based SEO Expert | Profit or Don't Pay

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States



Tired of SEO services and agencies making empty promises but failing to deliver?

The process of SEO shouldn't seem risky.

Paying a monthly retainer while unsure of what you're getting shouldn't feel like a "black box" either.

This is where I come in.

I have over 6 years of SEO experience and have helped over 30 businesses achieve up to a 3x growth in organic traffic and leads from Google.

The type of SEO tasks that I will perform include:

✅ In-Depth Keyword Research

I take care to choose keywords that have the best chance of complementing the objectives of my clients. This entails identifying the best primary keywords, as well as identifying their variations, synonyms, and LSIs that can be used as secondary keywords.

✅ Conduct Competitor Research

In every aspect of my SEO approach, I use competitive analysis. In my opinion, competitor analysis is more than just a one-time effort at the start of a campaign; it is used when developing content, creating links, customizing a website's structure, etc.

✅ On-Page SEO Techniques

I put into practice personally tried and true tactics that work. To show topical relevance and depth, this can include the fundamentals of SEO like keyword placements in the title tag, meta description, and h-tags, as well as internal linking.

✅ Content Writing

I have experience in writing blogs, product pages, and service pages for various clients. I also have experience in putting together content briefs for writers to ensure that they are using the best SEO practices when writing content.

✅ Advanced Technical SEO tactics

I use tactics such as writing custom schema markup with JSON-LD that's highly optimized for the target keyword.

✅ Advanced Local SEO tactics

Using several strategies to get your Google Business Profile ranked higher in Google's Map Pack.

✅ Linkbuilding

Using various strategies to acquire high authority backlinks to boost the domain authority of your website.

✅ Monthly Site Audits

Execute monthly site audits to check for correct crawl ability, indexation, site structure, and user experience; produce monthly reports on significant KPIs; suggest new content based on SEO strategy; and continue to troubleshoot any issues as they arise.

✅ Monthly Reporting

So that you never feel out of the loop, I detail everything I do every month and provide SEO reports using Looker Studio to go over the progress of the campaign.

Budget per project
$0 - $2,500
Geografische focus
  • United States
  • Engels


A general contractor in Washington DC wanted to attain more high-ticket remodeling projects from Google and was not satisfied with how his website performed in search.


Planned a strategy to help the client attain more high-ticket remodeling projects by identifying keywords related to high-ticket remodeling projects, such as condo conversions, home additions, and rowhouse renovations.


The campaign was highly successful. The client ranked at the top of search results for keywords such as rowhouse renovations, condo conversions, and home additions, which resulted in a 3x increase in lead submissions and millions of dollars in additional revenue for the company.


Helped a roofing contractor from Minneapolis attract more roofing projects from from Google. The client was falling behind the competition in Google when it came to attracting more roofing projects from Google.


I created a strategy to reverse engineer the client's competitors. I also noticed an opportunity for the client to attract more projects related to emergency roof repairs and storm damage repairs caused by hailstorms.


The client ranked high for keywords in his market, such as "roofing contractor" and "hail damage roof repair." As a result, the client received a significant increase in roofing estimates from form submissions and phone calls.


Helped a General Contractor in Georgia attract more kitchen remodeling projects from Google. The client was not ranking as high as he should have been in Google for keywords relating to kitchen remodeling services.


Optimized the client's website for terms relating to kitchen remodeling, with an emphasis on Savannah since this was his main service area.


The client climbed up the rankings relatively fast for kitchen remodeling in Savannah. The client was able to add close to 200K in additional revenue in just a few months.

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