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At Douglass Digital, our expertise and skills extend across numerous fields in the digital world. Here are more details:

Expertise & Skills: Our team is proficient in using WordPress, a versatile platform that allows us to create websites tailored to your brand and goals. We have a deep understanding of SEO techniques and marketing strategies, which we incorporate into our web design process to enhance visibility and engagement on your website.

Services: We offer a full range of services, including web design and development, hosting, support, SEO, and marketing consultation. Whether you need a biotech, e-commerce, membership, or recruitment website, we have the expertise to deliver desired results.

Work Process: Our work process is collaborative and client-centric. We work closely with you to understand your unique goals and objectives and align our services accordingly. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, we ensure that every step is transparent.

Principles: Our principles are rooted in innovation, excellence, and delivering results. We believe in the power of a well-designed website and the importance of a strong online presence. We are committed to providing successful online digital strategies and achieving your online goals.

We are proud of the work we do and the results we deliver.

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D'arcy & Everest, a garden nursery specialising in alpine and perennial plants, needed an updated e-commerce website to replace their outdated WordPress website.


We carefully created a beautiful new E-commerce website to showcase D'arcy & Everest's plants and improve sales management.


The website became a hit during lockdown as more people focused on their gardens. It brought a big increase in online visits and sales. Douglass Digital's skill in making a great website helped D'arcy & Everest succeed online.


The BOU had an outdated and inefficient website that used Woocommerce for managing memberships. The old website was also not being updated regularly.


We created a new and engaging website that used Memberpress for handling memberships and offered various features such as paperless direct debit, event bookings, member only content, online shop, mailchimp integration, and more.


The brand-new website improved significantly the user experience and the membership management for BOU. It also increased their visibility and reputation as a leading ornithological organisation.


Elevating Harvey John's online presence to match its global reputation. They needed a web design that showcased expertise, fostered client connections, and simplified job searches securely.


We built a user-friendly website, emphasising easy navigation, impactful branding, and a secure application process. The design showcased Harvey John's brand while addressing the unique challenges of the recruitment industry.


The new website amplified Harvey John's global reach, fostering ongoing client connections and supporting individuals in finding their dream jobs. Our expertise is showcased in the successful web design and also contributed to the mission of facilitating safe and convenient job searches.

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Douglass Digital uit Cambridge, England, United Kingdom heeft British Ornithologists’ Union geholpen om hun bedrijf te laten groeien met SEO en digitale marketing
Douglass Digital uit Cambridge, England, United Kingdom heeft Cambridge Roof Exchange geholpen om hun bedrijf te laten groeien met SEO en digitale marketing
Douglass Digital uit Cambridge, England, United Kingdom heeft D’Arcy & Everest geholpen om hun bedrijf te laten groeien met SEO en digitale marketing
Douglass Digital uit Cambridge, England, United Kingdom heeft Synchronicity Earth geholpen om hun bedrijf te laten groeien met SEO en digitale marketing
Douglass Digital uit Cambridge, England, United Kingdom heeft Harvey John geholpen om hun bedrijf te laten groeien met SEO en digitale marketing
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gemiddelde beoordeling op basis van Google-reviews
Wessex LMCsop
Jan 4, 2024

What a team Douglass Digital are. This is a personal thank you from someone who has been never been involved in the process of setting up a new website and database and the complexities of importing across from another system. Despite numerous issues and queries from us all, they remained calm and supportive through out. Even after the website's launch, the team continues to provide valuable assistance in any way they can. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Charlie, Alex, and everyone at Douglass Digital. Helene

Sharon Deveson Kellop
Jan 22, 2024

Over the 8 years that we have been working together, Douglass Digital have been very professional, creative, and extremely supportive with our website design. A great team of people who are always there to help when needed.

Hussain Miahop
Apr 24, 2023

Douglass Digital is amazing at what they do. Charlie is an amazing, intelligent and very helpful person, understood exactly what I wanted and created a better website than I expected. Their support and services have exceeded my expectations and the team are very friendly, communicate well and respond quickly. They have produced some truly awesome work for me. Extremely happy to be working with them. Don't look elsewhere, I would highly recommend Douglass Digital.

Lara Pocockop
Mar 22, 2023

We have loved working with the Douglass Digital team. Our project has exceeded expectations and the team are friendly, communicate well, and listen to our ideas and feedback. They respond quickly and have produced some truly awesome work. We would highly recommend working with Douglass Digital.

David Waddellop
Jul 3, 2023

I cannot give enough praise for Douglass Digital. They were excellent! It became apparent after conducting an internal review that the user experience and accessibility of our previous website was falling short and whilst we didn’t need a complete revamp of content and branding, we needed to transition to a new CMS and refresh our existing design. I was introduced to Charlie and knew immediately that they were the right digital design company for us to use. At the start of the project, we had an exploratory meeting to discuss our aims and to allow Douglass Digital to find out more about us as a company. Charlie went beyond surface level, looking in-depth at the customer profiles of our users, and took the time to gain an understanding of what our company wanted to represent. After this meeting, Sophie presented us with several impeccable proto-type designs. Though we were reassured these were drafts and that the drafts could be completely overhauled and redone if desired, we were blown away by the quality of Sophie’s initial designs. They were high-quality, and we could immediately see our vision in her work. We were able to combine elements of two designs we couldn’t decide between, Sophie merged our favourite elements of each design into what became our final look. We were kept in the loop throughout the project, with regular updates about the progress, as well as clear instructions on what was needed from us to continue. And after the designs were finalised, we were able to see functional prototype webpages within a couple of weeks. Robert was integral to not just the building of the site but also getting the functionality of our job board working. He was knowledgeable, but clear and concise, patiently explaining all the tech jargon for us. And he kept us consistently updated throughout the initial teething problems with third-party integrations. He also went the extra mile in helping us resolve an issue with Google Analytics for our former site, which saved us from needing to start from scratch. We were impressed by how completely Douglass Digital had taken on board the aims we had and managed to style the website in a way that represented us as a company. They substantially improved the functionality of our website compared to our former site, and produced a beautiful, modern, and bespoke website that suited us. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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